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About Uli Otto

My professional passion is to serve and support others by applying my coaching skills with my business and leadership experience.


Hi. I'm Uli Otto, born and raised in Canada to German immigrant parents. Both had careers in the church and their desire to serve and support others spilled over to me.

I began my career in the financial services industry, working in North America for 10 years before coming to Europe, which is where I still live and work today.

This is me

My strength  - combining business needs with people issues is what led me to manage a German subsidiary for a Canadian financial services organization.

My desire - applying those strengths more directly in a helping/serving context is what motivated me to change careers in my mid-30s, at which point I started developing and coaching people in a business context.

My mission - getting people connected to what they love to do and making that visible to others which in turn creates new opportunities and a stronger sense of purpose.

In addition - raising 3 children has also been an additional source of inspiration for what I do. So, besides working as a business coach, I also facilitate workshops in which I help parents become more effective and happier in their relationship with their kids.