Client feedback


Veronique Marimon

VP Customer Success

"I really want to THANK YOU for the time you spent with me and the “generous support” you provided me. I feel much better equipped, clear on my goals, capable of articulating who I am and what I want to do next. Each minute spent with you has been very rich, intense and full of learnings. Sincere thank you."


European Patent Office

"I really appreciate the way you do training. Every module starts with a clear message why the topic matters, then you help us to understand the theory and to define ways in which we can transfer what we've learned to our daily work. You do a great job at actively involving us in the learning process."

Markus Barnet

Managing Partner, acterience management partners

"With your help, all of our employees have developed a clear personal brand. They are aware and able to succinctly communicate the competencies they bring to the table, the role they play in the team and why they are a good fit with specific projects. That is a win for our clients, our consultants and their colleagues in the project teams."

Senior Manager

Multinational Consumer Goods

"Just a short note to thank you again for the excellent team coaching session yesterday. I had a chance to speak to the participants and they felt the session helped in a few ways. Firstly, to ease fears, secondly, to feel more hopeful and finally get more clarity on next steps. This really helps me keep the team motivated and engaged during this challenging time"

Laura Schlowak

Consultant, Acterience Management Partners

"Uli is an exceptional coach who has taught me invaluable skills. Her gift for connecting with people, actively listening, and providing clear insights to complex situations is truly remarkable. She excels at suggesting solutions and illustrating conflict resolution approaches, making it easy to absorb her guidance. I'm immensely thankful for the fresh perspectives and techniques I gained from her conflict management and empathic communication coaching, which are applicable not only in my professional life but also in personal conflicts. Through one-on-one coaching, she helped me understand the reasons behind my difficulties and my job satisfaction criteria. In a short time, I've never learned so much for both my personal and professional growth. Thank you, Uli!"


Senior Procurement Manager

Global Technology Company

"I sincerely appreciate your invaluable guidance in navigating that intricate domain. I must express that I've never acquired as much knowledge in just a few phone conversations with anyone else. I can't help but lament not having had the chance to connect with you during my tenure at E.G.O. I was without a confidant who could truly grasp my circumstances within the company and offer any helpful advice. Your ability to grasp the entire context of a complex conflict situation is truly commendable. The next time I encounter such a situation, I'll know exactly where to turn.

Wishing you all the best, intriguing individuals to collaborate with, and the inspiration to strike upon the perfect idea at the right moment. I'll definitely keep you informed when I secure my next job or project. Thank you once again!"

professional Experience



Board level, senior leaders, middle managers and high-potentials


Business Sectors

IT, automotive, pharmaceuticals, financial services, energy sector, public sector, manufacturing, consumer goods and professional services


International Experience

Western & Eastern Europe,
North America, Asia, Africa,
Australia and Middle East

Abstract of my projects


European Vice-President & General Manager within manufacturing sector to manage superiors more effectively.


CEO within energy sector during a major reorganization / new strategic direction.


Technical leaders within German industrial manufacturer / increase in leadership effectiveness and team engagement.

NGo / Public Sector

High Potentials leadership development program for an International Humanitarian organisation.

Financial services

On boarding Senior Corporate Finance Manager in major European Bank.


European Vice-President & General Manager within manufacturing sector to manage superiors more effectively.

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