unique and impactful personal brand

Executive Personal Branding

Helping professionals develop a unique and impactful personal brand that significantly increases their visibility and reputation.

Personal Branding has an extremely positive impact both on how others perceive you and on how you perceive yourself. It focuses on the unique value that makes you stand out from the crowd. Being grounded in that difference acts like an anchor for your self-confidence. You’ll be experienced as more authentic and confident by your audience – and this helps you make a positive impression that both attracts and holds attention. Through the process of Personal Branding, your self-confidence will increase.

Personal Branding at a glance

Personal branding is the strategic process of linking passions, key personal attributes, and strengths to a value proposition, and putting it into a clear and powerful message. A message that reflects a unique promise of value that resonates with the people you want to influence or work with.


The workplace is no longer what it used in terms of job security, pension plans and corporate loyalty. Today’s workplace requires that we stay flexible and embrace continual change. In order to master these changes, it is vital that we stay marketable, maintain a presence in social media and find creative ways to differentiate ourselves.

This process of creating your own personal brand can serve you whether you are searching for a job, exploring a change in career or looking to be more successful in your current role. Branding creates a platform from which to communicate your strengths and added value to your team members, your employer and your clients.

Personal Branding in 3 Steps

The strategic process of personal branding makes you an active player in determining  the direction of your life and career.

Step 1

Knowing Your Brand (Reflect)

Who are you?

  • Identify needs, define values & interests
  • Identify strengths & uniqueness
  • Identify goals 360 branding assessment questionnaire

Step 2

Communicate Your Brand (Refine)

Who is your target audiences and what are your key messages?

  • Identify your target audience 
  • Develop a positioning statement with clarity and impact
  • Develop an elevator pitch with evidence
  • Define differentiated value messages for different audiences

Step 3

Brand Strategy (Re-launch)

What is my brand communication strategy and how do I manage the relevant ecosystem?

  • Create a brand strategy summary
  • Refine and enhance CV and biographies
  • Identify influencers & network & ecosystem
  • Your image & look