Coaching and Training

Teams and Groups

When people come together and set aside their individual needs for the good of the whole, they can accomplish more than the sum of the individual parts.

Developing teams requires courage, discipline and emotional energy which in turn not only improves organizational performance but also contributes to people's sense of connection, belonging and well being.

Team Building

Team building is a process that develops cooperation, personal connection and teamwork within a work unit.

With understaffing, burnout, outsourcing, and other morale-defeating activities on the rise, many organizations have come to realize that good quality communication needs to be nurtured. Team building can be an impactful way to improve that communication and create a stronger team culture.


Topics addressed include practising and developing:

  • Brainstorming & collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Feedback & trust
  • Problem solving & conflict resolution
  • Leadership & interpersonal skills

My approach is to facilitate team building will depend on the formation of the team, what stage the team is at in its lifecycle, the organizational context and the issues and challenges facing the team.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a process specifically focused the "real work" of the team.

Team coaching ensures that the insights, outcomes, new skills and behaviors are learned, practiced and applied in the team’s day-to-day work. It helps team members increase their sense of belonging and align themselves with a shared set of values, beliefs and objectives.


Team coaching themes include:

  • Its purpose and behaviors
  • Building successful stakeholder interfaces
  • Aligning the purpose of the team with the needs of the wider organization.
  • Improving trust & collaboration
  • Conflict resolution
My approach depends on the formation of the team, what stage the team is at in its lifecycle, the organizational context in which it is nested, and the issues and challenges facing the team.

Group Workshops

Group Workshops are interactive educational seminars that get participants fully involved in the learning process.

My approach is to facilitate workshops that combine innovative, interactive and engaging activities combined with practical learning.


The format includes:

  • Emphasizing interaction
  • Information discussions
  • Activities & exercises
  • Provide opportunities to practice applying the concepts that are presented.


Regular workshops include: Parenting - "How to talk so kids listen, listen so kids talk"


For more information on workshops and training material please contact: Körner Medien UG, Burckhardthaus/Oberstebrink, www.