positive and lasting behaviour change

Specialists and Managers

Helping my clients achieve positive and lasting change in their behaviour. I quickly uncover the root issues and provide tools for immediate effect.

Many of our behavioural reactions are rooted in automatic, unconscious responses. Often those responses don’t serve us, either to behave in a way that is congruent with who we want to be or to call up the behaviour that might be more effective in dealing with the issue at hand. Through my coaching process you will firstly, gain a deeper understanding of your underlying drivers and secondly, identify strategies and develop new habits to counter the old ones. Rather than being slaves to our drivers, we can expand who we are so that we can be more of who we want to become.

Identifiying drivers to create strategies

Sharpening focus, getting to flow and employing mindfulness are some of the consequences of my coaching approach which are benefical to the coachee regardless of whether a Manager or Functional specialist.

Functional Specialists

A functional specialist is an expert in a specific discipline.


 Coaching topics include:

  • Increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Personal branding & self-marketing including CV enhancement
  • Managing and influencing relationships
  • Career management
  • Team building & motivation
  • Energy management & resilience
  • Change management and strategic thinking
  • Work-life balance

Coaching specialists in order to unlock their potential, maximize performance, and secure their professional objectives.


Coaching allows for conversations that executives cannot have with superiors, peers, employees or family.

General Management

General managers use a broad set of skills to manage multiple areas of a business or organisation.


Coaching topics include:

  • Authentic leadership effectiveness
  • Business partner coaching
  • Increasing self-awareness and emotional Intelligence
  • Personal branding & self-marketing, including CV enhancement
  • Influencing and Stakeholder Management
  • Career management & on-boarding
  • Managing change and leading transformation
  • Leading multidisciplinary teams & managing diversity
  • Energy management & resilience
  • Work-life balance

Coaching with managers / leaders to clarify, expand and articulate their vision, deepen their insights and inspire them to make behavioural changes.


Coaching leadership skills that are directly applied to specific present-moment work related issues.