Emotional Intelligence

Know thyself, know others

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our emotions as well being able to understand and influence the emotions of others.

The need for emotional intelligence increases with higher responsibility and complexity. It is one of the most important skills required to not only effectively work with and manage people but also to helps us to lead more fulfilling and successful lives.


Negative emotions can significantly affect the quality of our interactions with others. These hinder us in thinking smart, listening, acting with intention, and maintaining an objective perspective which in turn can undermine the trust in our relationships.


The good news is that emotional intelligence is a muscle that we can develop and strengthen over time.

Strengthening our emotional intelligence not only makes us happier, but it increases our ability to motivate ourselves, manage stress, resolve conflict constructively and most importantly, can determine how well people will listen to us.

What emotional intelligence coaching can do for you:


✓  Increase your self-awareness, self-confidence (eliminate Imposter syndrome), and self-management.

✓  Improve your communication and social connection skills.

✓  Strengthen your resilience and stress management skills.

✓  Strengthen your problem solving and decision-making skills.

✓  Increase overall happiness and sense of well-being.


Ensuring a smooth and successful integration



Influencing & Stakeholder Management

Cultivating support and engagement

Conflict Management

Embracing constructive conflict to foster stronger and more resilient relationships



Career Management

Identifying your career aspirations and how to achieve them 


Interpersonal Relationship

Strong interpersonal relationships enhances the overall quality of our lives


Personal Branding

Manage how people see and experience you



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