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My basis of my coaching tools is to facilitate self-awareness, goal setting and personal growth. They draw on various psychological, behavioral and neuroscientific theories and support my client in gaining insights, building skills and achieving their desired outcomes.


Achieving results through others

In our dynamic business environment, successful leaders continually need to adapt to evolving trends, technologies, and market conditions. Engaging in ongoing leadership development ensures that they stay relevant and effective when navigating new challenges and opportunities.


Leadership coaching is a one-to-one personalized and goal-oriented development process designed to enhance leadership abilities and skills.


The process typically begins with an overall assessment of the leader’s strengths, weaknesses / blind spots, motivations, values, visions, and development areas. 

Influencing & Stakeholder Management

Cultivating support and engagement

In our working relationships, we can win the hearts and minds of others to make things happen. This isn’t about making decisions and handing them off to others or using manipulation and political games to get our way but rather it’s about gaining buy-in and engagement regardless of hierarchy and status.


Stakeholder management is a process that includes both influencing and proactively organizing, monitoring, and strengthening the relationships with others.

Interpersonal Relationships

Strong interpersonal relationships enhances the overall quality of our lives

By demonstrating interpersonal skills, you can attract others, foster collaboration, enhance the collective efforts of your team and generate more value. The capacity to effectively collaborate and inspire others can also pave the way for your career advancement and promotion, as it showcases your leadership skills.

Emotional Intelligence

Know thyself, know others

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize, understand and manage our emotions as well being able to understand and influence the emotions of others.

The need for emotional intelligence increases with higher responsibility and complexity. It is one of the most important skills required to not only effectively work with and manage people but also to helps us to lead more fulfilling and successful lives.

Negative emotions can significantly affect the quality of our interactions with others. These hinder us in thinking smart, listening, acting with intention, and maintaining an objective perspective which in turn can undermine the trust in our relationships.

The good news is that emotional intelligence is a muscle that we can develop and strengthen over time.


Strengthening your emotional intelligence not only makes you happier, but it increases your ability to motivate yourself, manage stress, resolve conflict constructively and most importantly, can determine how well people will listen to you.

Conflict Management

Embracing constructive conflict to foster stronger and more resilient relationships

Conflict management is based on the understanding that conflict is natural and inevitable when working with others or being in relationship with others. Conflict can provide learning and growth opportunities for a working relationship.


What’s important is how it’s handled since this will play a significant role in shaping the outcome. Depending on our personalities we are often either inclined to avoid or charge full steam into conflict which often makes matters worse. 


Learning how to constructively manage conflict helps us to minimize negative consequences, support positive outcomes and reinforce trust.

Career Management

Identifying your career aspirations and how to achieve them

Changes in organizations and in our personal lives means that the concept of a “linear career path” is out-of-date. Many of us will hold a series of jobs and engage in a succession of projects.

What we strive for is satisfying, challenging & purposeful work that feels like an inherent “fit” with our goals, ambitions, and personalities.


Career management coaching is focused on securing the “fit” as it relates to both our private and working lives. 

Personal Branding

Manage how people see and experience you

Personal Branding has an extremely positive impact both on how others perceive you and on how you perceive yourself. It focuses on the unique value that makes you stand out from the crowd. Being grounded in that difference acts like an anchor for your self-confidence. You’ll be experienced as more authentic and confident by your audience – and this helps you make a positive impression that both attracts and holds attention. Through the process of Personal Branding, your self-confidence will increase. I am helping professionals develop a unique and impactful brand that significantly increases their visibility and reputation.


Ensuring a smooth and successful integration

When we’re starting a new position, it’s easy to make wrong assumptions and decisions because we lack the detailed knowledge of the challenges ahead, what it will take to succeed, an established network and a deeper understanding of the organizational culture.

If we fail to create positive momentum and get the needed insights during the first few months on the job, it can result in compromising our success in both the short and long term.


Onboarding coaching is a structured process that provides a road map to help build trust, credibility and secure some early wins. Getting these elements right help lay the foundation for long-term job success and satisfaction.

Specialists & Managers

Coaching both functional specialists and managers at all levels within a broad range of industries and international environments.

Helping executives become and continue to be a valuable resource for their organisations whilst achieving their full potential.


Business Partners

Coaching business partners who have a business together and are interested in maintaining a strong alignment to create and sustain a successful business.

Identifying what makes the partnership thrive, improving communication and aligning business vision are key elements addressed in the coaching sessions.

Teams & Groups

Coaching teams is a cost and time effective process  to guide and support the development and skilling of team members.

Facilitating learning in a safe and fun atmosphere in order to help teams to become more self-managed and skilled at working with cross-functional and multi-skilled stakeholders.

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