impactful and trustworthy relationships

Business Partners

Working within a partnership assumes that the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. A successful partnership hinges on the satisfaction each partner has with the other. Business partnership coaching can help create and maintain a strong alignment to create a powerful future for the business.

My Approach

Start by identifying and understanding:

  • The motivations that drives each partners behaviours and how that plays out in daily work.
  • How is trust maintained,
  • How decisions are made and conflict dealt with
  • How is accountability embraced and results secured? 

Next putting the business in context:

  • What has worked well
  • Learnings from past
  • Projecting what the future should look like.

Getting viewpoints, opinions and emotions on the table where they can be talked about in a less contentious way.


Asking probing questions and helping partners listen in order to design a strong partnership alliance and or change dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that could threaten the business success.

My Mission

To strengthen the business partnerships through communication, agreement and accountability in order to bridge the gaps, correct misunderstandings and reorient relationships.


Often partners feel stuck in dealing with conflict within the Partnership. Business partnership coaching helps to look ahead for ways to create long term solutions.


For those partnerships just starting out it can help create from the outset a first rate atmosphere in which all partners can thrive.


Helping business partners to structure their partnership so it can flourish in both good and difficult times.