Personal, private and confidential coaching


I have worked with hundreds of managers and executives worldwide through the entire lifecycle of their career.
Helping to achieve fulfillment and success in both work and life in a coaching setting that provides a safe place to exchange ideas, stretch and test new limits and enhance management skills and abilities.

What gives you energy and fulfillment?

My coaching programs are designed to help coachees take control of their situation and make changes so that they are getting the energy they need to fulfill their potential. Helping to overcome and manage the conscious and subconscious barriers that slow us down or keep us from moving forward.
The benefits of my coaching will result in:
  • Enhance results at work to achieve higher performance ratings
  • Improve and leverage  professional relationships in order to fulfill career goals
  • Gain back control of time and priorities
  • Increase capacity to absorb and handle problems
  • Overcome challenges quickly and with more ease
  • Develop confidence - in decisions and the ability to execute those decisions
  • Achieve more positive feedback and recognition for the extraordinary value created

Intelligence and ability is not static but rather something that can be developed in everyone. My coaching mindset is grounded in inspiring people to want to learn, embrace challenges, persist in the face of setbacks, and learn from feedback. Using tools and methodologies that help to identify and realize personal goals and inspire others to do the same.

Coaching can help to make life begin to feel easier and problems less daunting.
Uli Otto Executive Choach

Personal Branding

Coaching individuals who want to distinguish themselves  with an authentic personal brand that is consistent and targeted to help achieve both personal and professional goals.

Coaching combined with a series of exercies to help identify who they are, what they want to be and what sets them apart from everyone else.


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Specialists & Managers

Coaching both functional specialists and managers at all levels within a broad range of industries and international environments.

Helping executives become and continue to be a valuable resource for their organisations whilst achieving their full potential.


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Business Partners

Coaching business partners who have a business together and are interested in maintaining a strong alignment to create and sustain a successful business.

Identifying what makes the partnership thrive, improving communication and aligning business vision are key elements addressed in the coaching sessions.


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Teams & Groups

Coaching teams is a cost and time effective process  to guide and support the development and skilling of team members.

Facilitating learning in a safe and fun atmosphere in order to help teams to become more self-managed and skilled at working with cross-functional and multi-skilled stakeholders.


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